Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Recipe Towel

This Christmas I decided to give of my talent. I love my Bernina 830E sewing machine, and I love embroidery.  Angela Sevens is an embroidery digitizer/designer and we found her designs at Bernina University this summer. Purchased tea towels are embroidered on with the picture of a finished food/drink item and the recipe is written below it.  What a clever way to share not just your talent but your culinary skills as well.  Well, okay, culinary skills from me is pushing it, but the recipes are easy enough so I made this one for a friend today.
I decided I would give a tea towel and the one or two of the main ingredients for the recipe as a gift. Hopefully I can get them finished and presented before the season is over.

Tonight we are going to Tom and Dorothy Rice's home for a dinner, I plan to take this finished one and offer it as a gift.
There are candy, cookie, beverage, and other holiday recipes to chose from- in all about 12 different designs.
The design also gives instruction for a cool way to add trim to the towel.
If you are the recipient of one of these recipe towels, I hope you and your family will make the delicious treat and then comment on this blog.

Happy Christmas Treats to All and to All a Good Holiday Season. I send my Love to you,  my Family and Friends- and wish for each of us to remember the reason for Christmas, Relish in the Joy that Gathering with Family and Friends brings into our life.

Mensch Family

Carl and Margie Mensch are very dear friends of Bill and I.  I took a 'Thangle' Class last spring  by my friend Joann Hinchliffe. She designed a block of the Hunter Star and then arranged it into a quilt design.  I chose 2 Batiks fabric for this quilt. The picture shown here isn't really as good as I wanted, but I was unable to take it, and so Bill went to Tucson for the day, visited with Carl and Margie and took this photo. Their new baby wouldn't move out of the picture, and why should she?  Her name is Cora and she goes where Margie goes.  This is a queen size quilt, it is a soft green marbleized batik and a more tone on tone green batik for the second fabric. I will get a close up view of the block when I am able to get to their home later this month. For now, I just wanted to honor this great couple and the wonderful friends they are to us.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Village- Embroidered

Per Gramma Sheri's request, here are the pieces that I have completed so far.  They take a lot of time to stitch out and then assemble, so I am always behind with doing the other parts of the village. Still to come, Gazebo, Post Office, Victorian House. 
From left to right: church, bakery, tree and icepond, town hall.