Sunday, July 28, 2013

My First Quilt made me a better quilter...

Family Fundays Memory Quilt©
A quilt-as-you go wall-hanging
By Jacquelyn Morris-Smith
August 2013

I wanted to have a family photo wall in the entry of my new home in 2006, but I didn’t want to hammer nails in the wall for each frame. Knowing that as the sizes of the pictures may change regularly I would be constantly filling holes and making new ones I had to come up with a different plan. I was not at the time a quilter, but I have sewn all my life, so when I saw a sign in my town for a quilt shop I got the brilliant idea to make a Family Wall Quilt, now renamed to Family Fundays Memory Quilt©. I called that shop and inquired how one could go about making such a thing, and they recommended a quilt instructor- Jean Hoagland. She assisted me in understanding what I really could do to make this happen.  I started by buying fabric (more than I really needed).  I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t have to cut all the fabric into strips…but that I could have saved some fabric for other projects and only used what I needed.
My first version was so unorganized and the blocks were not equal or straight.
Here is a photo of that first quilt 

Although my friends and family (who don’t quilt) love this Family Wall Quilt, I can see the imperfections and realize that I have really gotten better over the years.  It is always good to have a first quilt reminder. What was your first quilt?

I will be posting later the new version, and I am designing a pattern for  Family Fundays Memory Quilt©
Thanks for reading and let me hear from you.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tutorial Ruffled Apron- Easy Peasy

This is/was a quick and easy idea given to me by my friend, Barbara.  She described it to me, and so I set out to figure out how to make an easy fun apron from a tee-towel or hand-towel.

Basics needed:
1 rectangle towel.
 Cut a 9" strip off of one of the short sides of the towel, you will use it to make the pocket.
9" wof (width of fabric) strip of fun colorful fabric
2 1/2" strip of solid colored fabric for the  ties, but you could use  1- 2"wide grosgrain ribbon ( you will need about 54".

1. hem the ruffle strip to get rid of raw edges 
2. gather the fabric at the top edge only
3. attach it to one of the short edges of the towel.

4. place the 9" that you cut from the towel earlier
and lay its right side to the apron's wrong side.
5. now you will sew a 3/8" seam
6. press the seam towards the apron
7. bring the newly formed bottom to the front of
the apron, you should have the right side of the
cut section on top of your apron now
8. pinning the cut pocket area to the apron sew
along both sides and the bottom (hint- sewing across
the bottom will enclose the raw edges of the 3/8"
9. find the center of your pocket- draw a line
with an air erase or water erase fabric marker
from the top of the pocket to the bottom, turn
the apron and sew back up to reinforce the seam.
10. attach the strip of grosgrain ribbon to the
apron, making sure you have the ties equal in
                                                                                             The Christmas apron shown here is done with a very light gathering and no pocket.

If you enjoy this please pass it on and let me know.  The more the merrier.  Happy Sewing !