Sunday, December 18, 2011

My older Blogspot

I am not going to delete the older blog until I figure out how to export it into this blog.  I would rather have all of it in one spot.... wish me luck.  The link should you be curious and haven't seen my older blog is  However, if anyone really knows how to import it for me I would be most grateful.
In the meantime,  I have been busier than  a one arm paper hanger this past week.  But I haven't accomplished a thing.  Thus no photos to show of my finished projects.  Isn't that a shame?
Well, I will get my self together and make that change very soon.
This is a picture of our annual tree, this particular one was in 2007... We had  alot of family visit that year.
Happy Holidays to all, Jacquelyn

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost a New Year and now a New Blog

Hi and thanks for joining me at StitchinRN. I have another blog that you are welcome to visit, but since I was having difficulty with it, I will be deleting it soon and this will be my primary blogspot. So to start with, let's get to know each other and if you enjoy any of my 'Fabric Art'- yes quilting is an art form, please feel free to leave me a comment and/or email me. I have a facebook page as well.
As I develop this blog I will add other blogs which I follow and would recommend for you to view as well. I will also try to post when there is a bloghop or other such event that I find interesting.
So since this is Christmas, I would like to start this blog with a wonderful rendition of a favorite song of mine found on 'you tube'  Please enjoy and have a wonderful Holiday Season, May you and your family be blessed with time together and the Joy of Memories.