Monday, June 13, 2016

Wow, catching up on the NFYBS projects

NFYBS - Not Finished Yet But Someday- are projects that are sitting in the overfilled closet space in my sewing area....  It is much easier to view them because of the beautiful space made use-able by my friend Carl Mensch.

He was able to put shelving into the closet that fits the fabrics and tools of the trade(s).  Without organization I used to spend my day/nights just searching .....  "I know I have it in here" comment was a daily mantra.  Sound familiar to any of you?

The sewing supplies and fabrics are now in order, fabric is folded and my Zentangle supplies are in a drawers all by themselves.
It is sew nice to have things organized.

There is only one problem,  there is still a bed in my sewing area, and it tends to GET loaded up with excess fabric, patterns, ideas and I am continually having to remove the 'stuff'!

Zentangle(R) Inspired Art

I wanted to play with the fabric and make a Zentantgle(R) Inspired Art place-mat.... 

Finished edges with the 9mm Satin Stitch- it did require 2 go arounds of stitching, but lovely coverage.