Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mystery Quilt Weekend

Friday afternoon 7/20/12
Friday evening 7/20/12

And so we began

Since the kit was cut we knew we would be able to get  a lot of sewing done.  Michelle's children were gone for the weekend, and when we stopped for dinner we had put together the first 4 clues

Saturday- worked on the mystery quilt until about 11:30am. Then we drove to Gilbert to attend the Phoenix chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild.  We left there around 3:30 to get home before the afternoon monsoon storm (actually today was  a big dust storm). Worked until late Saturday evening and VOILA!!!!

Michelle's is Black/White with Red accents
My quilt colors are Purple, lavendar and Hot Pink accents

Enough sewing for the night.

 Sunday we woke early and went to the airport to pick up Rachel, she was coming home from a visit to Florida. We had breakfast, went to the fabric shop and then returned to Michelle's to start our quest to finish the top of our quilts.
When the other two kids came home about noon- Rachel, Marshel and Kellee were taught to use the sewing machine and do straight stitching- we made each of them some super sized pillowcases.  They did a good job and I was able to spend some time with each of them individually.  Here are photos of their final projects.
 and Kellee

           A fun and successful weekend in July

I finished the top of my quilt....  Michelle was busy finishing her borders when I left her home, will post her photo when she sends it to me.... until then, why not plan your own weekend family quilt weekend and see how excited the kids get when they too can show their creative side (by the way, each of the kids chose their own fabric for their pillow covers).
Here is a photo of Michelle's finished top....now to the quilting and binding ....



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