Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quilt Retreat with Michelle

We had an awesome weekend.  I went to Maricopa, AZ to my daughter Michelle's home on Friday evening.  We started by going to Rachel's high school basketball game, she is a cheerleader for the school. It was a quick game, a nice half-time dance routine done by the cheerleaders, and on to victory for Maricopa HS.
Once home, Michelle and I found our way into her entry area, where there is a nice size room for her crafts. However, she has used it as a collection for most anything, and a try at an office.  It was time for some organizing. First we moved everything out of the room and into the front foyer (door was now empassable). Together, we moved her desk into the great room, which will now become her office area.  I didn't get a photo of the room before or after, dumbie that I am...
I placed a pile of stuff infront of her and we put them where she thinks she would like them for now. There are several plastic drawer storage stackers that were able to fit under the large craft table she has, and a second one, making a nice 'L' shape work area for her scrapbooking.
Once we completed that we were pretty much ready for some downtime. We watched a bit of television, and I headed to bed about 11:30. I don't know what time she finally gave in and went to bed.

The next day started early around 6:30, we got the teenagers up and out to jobs, etc.
Michelle's X came to help move some of the heavy stuff, another desk that Michelle uses now as her sewing table, he also dropped off the youngest child- Kellee- who was running a fever and had a bit of a croupy cough. Medication, tepid bath and lots of sleep for her was the order of the day. Then Michelle and I went to run our errands, pick up some supplies and then finally home and ready to start work on our projects.

Mine was a 'Professional Tote' that is going to be used as a diaper bag.

I don't know why this bag shows in browns, it is really the light gray and green as seen with Rachel as my model.

Michelle wanted to make a t-shirt quilt for her son, Nate. We cut out and stabilized the pieces in early Dec. 2011.  Now I would teach her how to sash and piece the shirts blocks into a nice quilt top.  By the time I left her home today at noon, she had the top completed. We layered the top, batting and backing, pinned them in place and rolled it onto a 'noodle' until she and I could get back together to teach some free motion quilting. 
Nice job don't you think? 

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