Thursday, August 2, 2012

A day at home and alone with my sewing area/machine

It is so great to have a day all to one's self....they are far and few between, but today was one of them.

I decided to accomplish at least one thing with several projects underway and just waiting for some work to be done on them. 

A round table cloth to be used in the home of Nancy and Larry, this is the fabrics used in their wall hanging 'Sushi 2'.  I don't have it quilted yet but today I got the final seam and added the center circle with some decorative stitching and quilting this will be an awesome addition to their dining area....pattern from 'Quilts without Borders'. 
It looks like the pieces aren't together in the correct order, but it is hanging on my design wall and the bottom is hanging together so the two yellows look like there should be more, and there is,,,,is actually is put together perfectly.  I named it 'Sunrise in AZ'.  This is a 38" round table cloth.

BeDazzled Star is an embroidered and pieced wall hanging.  It was designed and digitized for machine embroidery by Sarah Vedeler of Scottsdale, AZ.  I saw her completed quilt last summer and just had to make one of my own. 
I used a deep purple background for all 16 of the blocks.  This quilt was started last August, 2011.  I had it quilted by professional longarm quilter-Nina Keck of Hearts and Hands quilts. I will finish some decorative stitches in the center of the salmon/yellow sashing. I will then bind the wallhanging and affix a sleeve in some manner so that it can be hung on the wall, but I may use it on my round dinner table.
The piece is 58" in diameter, there are 16 individual embroidered and appliqued blocks. Each block took me an average of 4hr 50min to complete.  I used 12 different colors of threads, and most of those threads required 2 spools to be used. Needless to say there are more than 1 million stitches in the project in just embroidery.  But I love it and am very proud of it.
Today I trimmed it up and am prepared to do the decorative stitches and binding soon.

Another project that I wanted to try today was a new design I just purchased entitled "Magic in the Air".  I did the cutest little snowman angel.  I used metallic gold thread for his wings and halo.  When all the blocks are completed it is a very cute and lovely Christmas quilt/wall hanging....depending on someone's choice of use.It is stitched onto a deep royal purple fabric.  I am feeling purple these days it seems.....
Isn't he cute?

And finally, but actually my first action of the day was to put a border on my 'Mystery
Quilt' that was designed by Jean Biddick and Jo Cady-Bull, they were the quilt artists on our Alaska Quilt Retreat at Sea quilting cruise this last June.  Wonderful time.  So here is the delicious fabric I found and I think it adds just the right spark.                   

with a portion of the final quilt top... now to quilt and bind it in the next few days (I hope)

What did you do today?


  1. I got tired reading about your productive day! I keep wishing I had time to be creative, but I'm lucky to have time for a shower:)

    Message sent to me by Paula Burt-my daughter

  2. So many beautiful things! And you don't even show the samples you made for the shop! Just look at the diverse projects you've done so very've got talent, girl! (and seemingly, boundless energy!) ;)

  3. Your projects are gorgeous! I didn't get as much done as you did. Cleaning in garage, glasses adjusted, lunch with Mom, etc. I might get to class projects later this week.