Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's called 'Organizing'

Here it is, half of my yardage.  I decided it should all be washed, and refolded and then organized in colors/themes/sizes. As you can tell it isn't folded yet.
Last week I did a huge load like this (it is folded and put away) and this is this weeks load. I don't have a lot of storage areas in my house/sewing area but I try to keep it somewhat tidy.  I hate going through my fat quarter stash as well.  That will be another project someday soon.
My friend Sheryl is in the organinzing and cleaning up mode and she has inspired me too.  Last week we spent a few hours with scraps and used the Accu Quilt - made lots of squares and Stars out of some of my smaller scaraps, she did strips.  So off I go to fold some fabrics.  I'll take a picture when it is all neatly put away. Oh and by the way, I did have need to find some blue fabrics on Monday and what a great surprise when it was folded and in view.
What is your organinzing nightmare- or should I say 'disorganized' nightmare?

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  1. Ah you caught the bug! Should I apologize now, or just make up for it by buying you a piece of fabric!? :D